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Why Assisted-Living Facility May Be the Best Choice for Older Individuals

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Every household has at least one aged citizen living with them whose care and health are of utmost importance. However, not everyone has the liberty to care for their loved ones due to their jobs and family. If you are in such a situation, consider moving them to an assisted-living facility.

An assisted-living facility differs significantly from traditional nursing homes, where the clinical environment devoids the homely feeling that the elderly desperately need. Instead, it is a small communal setting, boasting a home-like atmosphere and a small community. The facility considers the occupants’ personal preferences and health needs, hosting them with a holistic approach. The intimate setting can substantially add to the comfort of your loved one. Here we have listed some reasons why an assisted facility can be beneficial for your elderly

1. Customized Care

Old age is often challenging, and one requires more care than ordinary people. Assisted-living homes offer all the necessary care needed by the elderly, including taking their meds on time and regular grooming.

The degree of care a senior citizen needs also depends on the medical record. Some individuals who suffer from dementia or Alzheimers have difficulty remembering the necessities of life. Many even forget how to do basic tasks such as combing their hair or wearing clothes. The staff in assisted-living facilities like Longhouse are trained to handle older individuals with such health complications. They consider their members’ medical history and design their schedules accordingly.

2. Enhanced Quality of Life

These small communal dwellings provide intimate settings for elderly citizens so they don’t feel alone and depressed, which is  a problem commonly seen in their age. These facilities also have additional features, such as a kitchen and living, which are not present in most nursing homes. This environment makes senior citizens feel at ease and gives them a sense of belonging. Daily activities keep them busy and also allow them to socialize with other occupants. Their quality of life ultimately improves.

3. Improved Safety

Older people usually fall victim to scams and break-ins. Assisted-living facilities work with security companies and have a tight security system preventing such crimes.

Many occupants are at a fall risk, and the design of assisted facilities favors easy mobility and accessibility. They also are prepare for any disaster that may strike. Smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and carbon monoxide alarms are primarily present in each facility. These places have on-call staff that are always ready to cater to the elderly’s needs. You can have peace of mind knowing that your loved one is safe and being taken care of.

4. Independent Living 

An assisted-living facility does not restrict its residents from venturing to parks or going for a leisure walk. Their freedom is of utmost value and will not be constrain unless it is dangerous for them. They take leisure walks and feel happy and at ease. Assisted facilities also provide senior citizens with the necessary transport to and from so that their safety is never compromised. A staff member also accompanies them and is always ready for any medical emergency.


Sometimes caring for your aged loved ones is complex, and you may be unable to provide the necessary home care due to work. Some people also fear nursing homes will not provide their old family members with the essential care and attention. Assisted-living facilities differ from nursing homes and can provide senior citizens with the proper assistance. Do appropriate research before approaching a facility and give your cherished family member the necessary care they deserve in their old age.

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