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What is Digital Health Service?

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Digital Health – 69% of Spaniards have used telemedicine services in the last year, and their use will increase. Almost 80% of those surveyed believe they will use these services in the next 12 months. “Digital health services are here to stay,” emphasizes Pedro Díaz Yuta, CEO of Savio, in the presentation of the results of the ‘Digital Health Savio Radiography.’

The report shows that 71% of users manage medical consultations or learn about health and wellness-related matters online. Specifically, 54% of those surveyed already contain their medical consultations telemetrically.

The most used services are electronic prescriptions (38%) and wearables (26%). However, next year the forecast is that medical chat and video consultations will grow to almost double the percentages of current use. In any case, Diaz Yuste clarified, “each of the services will go further.”

Most Used Services In Digital Health

Online Information

53% of users get information online about health and wellness. 43% of those surveyed point to fitness and healthy life apps as their primary source, followed by the specialized press (42%), specialized forums (35%), and, finally,  general media (30%).

What is Digital Health Service?

Social networks are another of the main channels for Internet users to find out, which is why 80% of users are willing to receive information about health and well-being on these platforms. This figure increases to almost 90% when asking respondents between 18 and 34.

Likewise, 50% of Spaniards would be willing to receive health and well-being information through influencers, a practice becoming increasingly established in social networks.

User Profile

Digital health services user profile young people stand out as the profile most open to acquiring these services, especially those related to health monitoring through wearables, with 34% compared to the general average.

The ‘Sap X-ray of Digital Health’ shows a clear profile of the user who most uses telemedicine services today: women, young people, urbanites, and those with higher education.

What Do They Demand?

In addition to general care, users place particular interest in digital health platforms having consultations with specialist doctors and being able to opt for second medical opinions. On the other hand, the agility in terms of access to results and medical history and the ease of requesting tests are other services that users demand the most.

Digital Health Is Already A Clear Option For Spaniards

Regarding the benefits perceived by users of digital health services, it is observed that 85% of those surveyed see convenience as the main reason for using telemedicine tools. The most outstanding benefits are savings in waiting times, the management of procedures, avoiding travel to health centers, and the speed of response. In addition, personalized attention and a comprehensive medical list also rebound as one of the perceived benefits of digital health by 55%.

On the other hand, 24% of the people consulted indicate not being able to be attended directly by specialists as one of main factors that make digital health platforms less attractive. The lack of personalized treatment and follow-up by the same professional are other drawbacks.


The health sector is the most essential part of everyone’s life. The pandemic times have shown the importance of the health care sector. Better technology in the field of health is the most essential requirement.

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