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Albion Essential Skin Conditioner

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Albion essential skin conditioner – Garden has existed in Japan for more than 65 years. It established itself as one of the leading J-Beauty brands and is now available in the United States. If there’s one product to try branding, it’s Albion Essential Skin Care Cream ($68). It’s good that a bottle is sold every 10 seconds in Japan.

Also known as Albion essential skin conditioner, this skin cream extracts Job’s Tears (Hatomugi), an antioxidant-rich anti-inflammatory ingredient, to smooth and hydrate skin while supporting your metabolic rate. In addition, it contains astringent agents that help prevent acne and firm the appearance.

Essences often used as a treatment that focuses on Moisturizing or brightening after cleansing and toning (if that’s part of your routine). In addition, since products absorb better on damp skin, using an essence can help serums, creams, and oils you apply on top penetrate deeper.

Albion Essential Skin Conditioner is best suited for those who want to control oil production such as ingredients like alcohol, glycols, and witch hazel. A little drying.

“If you’re a little oilier or a little more acne prone, these ingredients are great for drying out skin,” she says. “If you’re looking to tighten and reduce the appearance of pores temporarily, this may provide a temporary benefit.”

It’s also great if you live in a very humid area. “This probably works when you’re in Japan, where it’s scorching and humid, or New York in the summer.” But when you’re in drier climates, you must be careful, especially if you’re someone with dry, more sensitive skin.”

Well+Good’s Senior Beauty Editor tested the skin cream on her combination skin during a heat wave in New York City and loved that it made her skin feel even. In addition, it helped inhibit oil production in the T-zone without drying out your cheeks, which she says is “not an easy task and not something I’ve experienced with any other product.” Also, the fragrance is “an intoxicating floral, without being overpowering.”

Product details

Normalizing skin metabolism and regulating cell regeneration. Also the new and improved formulation of ALBION’s most iconic lotion promotes healthy skin less prone to acne, irritation and dullness.

The main ingredient of the skin conditioner is Job’s Organic Tears (Kita no Hato), which ALBION has grown exclusively in Hokkaido, Japan. Experience the enhanced formulation with newly added organic Job’s Tears Oil that promises instantly visible results to resolve skin concerns. And its dramatically enhancing the benefits of Job’s Tears.

Skin Conditioner Essential offers six skincare benefits:

  • Keeps skin healthy
  • Brighter skin
  • moist skin
  • Improves skin problems
  • Prevents acne
  • tightens the skin

Combine it with ALBION Balancing Milk for optimal results.

How to use Albion essential skin conditioner?

Use as part of your morning and night beauty routine after cleansing and applying Balancing Milk. First, take the equivalent of a teaspoon on a cotton ball and pat it all over the face, moving upward from the centre of the face outwards. Next, use your palms to press excess Skin Care Cream onto your face to increase penetration.


Organic Job’s Tears Extract, Organic Job’s Tears Oil: Normalizes epidermal metabolism. Also it is Anti-inflammatory (reduces inflammation and prevents skin problems). And, Immune modifier (regulates immune function and maintains a healthy state) also, Antioxidant benefit, Moisturizing (improves water retention), Polisher.

– Aesculus ippocastanum extract: Cell stimulating benefits, Promotes blood circulation, Anti-inflammatory (reduces inflammation and prevents skin problems)

– Hamamelis virginiana extract: Astringent benefits (tightens skin tissue, heals and strengthens blood vessels).

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