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About Dowagers Hump Brace – Its Causes, Symptoms & More

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Dowagers Hump Brace

Dowager’s Hump Brace: Dowagers hump is a bump-like posture which is also called the Hunchback. Our back provides support and posture to our body and facilitates. Kyphosis is given the name for a dowager’s neck hump. This is a round-like structure that appears explicitly on the base of your neck. Its mainly caused due to chronic forward-leaning posture.

Causes Of Dowager’s  neck Hump

Wrong posture is one of the prominent causes of Dowager’s Hump, but it’s certainly not the only cause. Other possible causes include osteoporosis, a congenital problem,  and also Scheuermann’s kyphosis. No matter the underlying cause, Dowagers Hump happens due to the weakening of muscles around your thoracic spine. The most common factors are

  • A prolonged lack of exercise and poor proprioception over the years can develop a dowager’s hump.
  • Osteoporosis is a significant factor in a dowager’s hump. When the disease grows, bone density decreases with age leading to bone porosity and brittleness.
  • Long periods of physically intense activity as well as a stooped posture, for example, welders or manual laborer’s.
  • Bad posture resulting from weak back muscles.
  • She is overweight.
  • Progressing age and long-term wear and tear.

Dowager’s Hump Brace Symptoms

A dowager’s hump is an extreme thoracic spine kyphosis, and the most prominent symptom is a round back presence as the upper back and shoulders develop a pitched-forward posture. As the spine works on a pushbike with the brain to form the central nervous system. Our body has pairs of spinal nerves, and each team connects the spinal cord to a section of the body unusually rounded, and this can cause nerve function. Depending on the degree of nerve involvement, in addition to a round back appearance, a dowagers hump can cause additional symptoms:

  • Shallow breathing.
  • Problems are breathing.
  • Pelvic floor problems.
  • Rotator cuff problems.
  • Tennis elbow.
  • Carpal tunnel.
  • Neck problems.
  • Jaw problems.
  • Pain and discomfort

How to Get Rid of Dowager’s Hump

A manual Physical Therapist (therapists that use their hands) can use several treatment options to correct a Dowager’s Hump and also to regain your good posture. These include:

  1. Myofascial release.
  2. Specific mobilization or movements of the vertebrae that have been stiff for a long time.


Basically, It is observed Dowager’s hump won’t go away overnight. It takes a long time to get corrected with proper exercise as well as the  method of treatment suggested by the doctor has to be followed up on regular basis.

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