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What is Fairy-Dusted Skincare?

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Fairy-Dusted Skincare is the marketing practice of adding only a tiny amount of an active (or popular) ingredient to a skin care product.

This practice often uses by some vast and prestigious cosmetic companies and is rarely reported in depth. And companies spend millions on advertising, and newspapers and magazines don’t want to bother big advertisers.

They formulate enough to claim that the product contains the ingredients but little to no measurable or therapeutic benefit.

The Right Amount of Ingredients Matters of Fairy-Dusted Skincare

When an active ingredient, such as any of our highly specialize peptides or other technologies. And we were developed by the laboratory to perform a specific action. Such as increasing collagen formation in the skin or helping to reduce wrinkles. The laboratory development determines what percentage of the laboratory. The ingredient must include in the finished product.

The lab determines the exact percentage required because the ingredient has to remain developed and tested to be most effective at that specific percentage.

Unfortunately, some cosmetic manufacturers add the active ingredient to the formula. But include it in such low amounts that it will never work as promised. So it is true that the element is in the procedure, but not at an excellent level.

The reason for this deception, or to put it more politely, “fairy dust,” is to be able to continue using proven claims. But not spend money on the right amount of that particular ingredient for the specific formula or intended purpose.

Cause of fairy pollination in skin care products?

The reason is simple: profitability. You are using eye cream as an example. If you’ve ever wanted to add a new peptide to your formula, the Peptide Company recommends using 10% of the peptide.

This peptide costs the manufacturing company $2,500 (2.2 pounds) per kilogram. So this single ingredient in the formulation costs $250.00 per kilogram or an additional $25.00 per product (if the weight of the finished product is 100 grams).

If a “fairy dust” company decides to claim that it contains this particular ingredient, it can list it at 1% (or less), which translates to a cost of $2.50 per 100 grams of the product. Or less.

Therefore, the “fairy dust” company will save 1000% on the “active ingredient” they are screaming from the rooftops. And which will result in significant profitability for the company, but not suitable for consumers.

And just so you know, they don’t officially break any laws or regulations. But they mislead the consumer into thinking the product will have the desired effect, which is one of the reasons they buy it.

Ten to 1% (or less) of the active ingredient in a product is essential for the formula’s overall performance and maximum effectiveness.

Fairy-Dusted Skincare does not sell products.

We use products containing therapeutic amounts of active ingredients as specified by the development lab. And we take skincare products very seriously. And we believe they work when formulated and manufactured correctly and active ingredients used at the correct participation rate. We insist on quality, efficiency, and full transparency on the profitability of price gouging.

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