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Everyday things you do can ruin your skin

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Ruin your skin is your body’s first defence against environmental stressors, pollution, weather, and everything. So you may think your outer layer is too sensitive, but every little thing you come in contact with constantly tests you. “Many factors can affect the condition of  ruin your skin, especially in daily life.

The Hair Products You Use Can Clog Your Pores

If you often see little bumps around your hairline. And styling products you use could be to blame. “Oil-containing hair styling products can clog pores and cause breakouts,” a New York City dermatologist told Insider. “This can manifest as clogged pores and small pimples around the hairline.”

The Old Beauty Products You Use Contain Bacteria That Cause Acne.

You might want to look at your makeup drawers and the skin care products on your bathroom shelf. “Using old makeup and skin care products, or sponges or brushes contaminated with bacteria or yeast, can cause skin irritation or infection,” King said. “This can appear as red, dry, irritated patches or as small red bumps or pus lumps.”

Your Skin May Be Reacting To Something You Eat

“Milk contains a lot of IGF-1, a growth hormone. Too much causes inflammation and a point in insulin, which causes the liver to crop even more growth hormone,” said Parsley Health SF director and creator of The Unknown. Exercise Extreme. I told the broadcast. “Dairy products can also cause the skin to produce more sebum or excess oil, which leads to stopped pores and acne.”

You’re Missing Your Sunscreen – Ruin your skin

Sunscreen should be applied as part of your regular skincare routine. “Failing to practice smart behaviour in the sun every day will lead to fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, discoloration, and other signs of premature skin aging.”. “This means sunscreen hats and clothing, broad spectrum SPF 30, and avoiding intense sun hours.”

Drinking From Plastic Straws Causes Healthy Lines Around The Mouth.

King told Insider that plastic straws aren’t just bad for the environment.

You Have A Habit Of Touching Your Skin – Ruin your skin

Let’s say your nervous habit rubs against your skin, or you constantly brush strands of hair across your forehead. Such random moments of contact can increase if your fingers haven’t washed recently, especially if your skin is already acne-prone.

“I know it’s so easy [to touch your skin] to want to touch your skin when you have acne,” she told Insider. “But by doing this, you are transferring germs, dirt and sweat from your palms and fingers to your face.”

You Do Not Control The Ingredients In Your Skincare

Checking the ingredient list on your skincare products is just as important as checking expiration dates. Natural skincare expert, esthetician, and founder of Somebody, “Many people use silicone-based primers and silicones in their foundation and don’t even know it.” “When silicones mix with skin oils, they form a ‘plug.’ Congested skin [as a result of silicone in the products you use] can lead to collagen breakdown, accelerated ageing, enlarged pores, redness, irritation, acne, extremely dry/oily skin, and makes skin look dull, red and rough. Can make it appear.”

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