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Losing Weight After Confinement – Natural Methods

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Losing Weight – Food plays a very crucial role in our daily life. We eat to live, care, comfort ourselves, have fun, share a moment with family and friends, or break the ice in a professional environment. This complex theme affects our image, our emotions, our happy or bad experiences, and above all, our habits. Considering this perspective, we see that weight loss is linked to many factors as contexts. It is therefore dynamic to evaluate the biological and emotional aspects and our way of life.

With the lack of mobility and physical activity due to confinement, it may have happened that we snack more regularly than usual. However, these bad habits from a difficult period and their misdeeds are not inevitable because the age-old wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine (or TCM) is there to give you a boost.

How Then To Proceed Naturally To Optimize Your Weight Loss?

TCM is a holistic approach of losing weight. Traditional Chinese medicine can provide complete support with its holistic approach to humans. The first step in this process is to take time to gather information about the person. This exchange aims to identify the motivations of the person who wishes to lose weight.

The second step will focus on the person’s food profile: Is she attracted to sugar? By fat (chips, frying, butter)? Does she overeat (bulimia)? What are the daily events that push her to adopt lousy eating habits? This step is essential as specific patterns correspond to a pathological relationship to food.

What Approaches Does Tcm Offer For Weight Loss?

Traditional Chinese Medicine Offers Us A Whole Arsenal Of Tools

  • Acupuncture and cupping increase metabolism, improve the functioning of the digestive organs, regulate transit, and eliminate fats and toxins.
  • Auriculopuncture acts directly on the central nervous system through the cranial nerves and, therefore, on the feeling of hunger, frustration, stress, and the capacity for detachment.
  • Chinese dietetics gives targeted advice according to the person’s profile, the season, and the method of cooking food and recommends a list of foods that support and strengthen the digestive system.
  • Moxibustion stimulates the yang energy of the spleen, which will reduce (sometimes suppress) the desire to eat sweets, but also the yang of the liver, which will reduce the desire for fatty foods (butter, crisps, pastries). On the other hand, it will stimulate the stomach, improving digestion and limiting the quantities of food ingested.

Other Natural Methods To Support Your Weight Loss

In addition to these methods, it is possible to stimulate weight loss with other natural solutions. For example, essential oils are known for their ” appetite suppressant ” properties and their relaxing potential.

Bach flowers can help with the profound emotional reason of “why I eat what I eat and how I eat it.” Daily physical activity is also a natural solution to support the person wishing to lose their extra pounds. However, you must be careful to choose an activity you enjoy. Sports practice is perfect for morale and, more generally, for emotional balance. It provides a pleasant occupation to clear our minds amid our frustrations.

If the losing weight is substantial (more than 10 kilos), you also need a food program followed by a dietician who will respect the instructions of TCM. Do not hesitate to combine TCM with other therapeutic disciplines such as psychotherapy, brief therapy, meditation, sophrology, shiatsu, or hypnosis if you feel the need. They are not antagonistic and can offer significant synergies.


Losing weight is one of the vital requirements for an overweight person. An ideal weight is a boon to the person s life as it is free from many diseases. However, some essential diet maintenance is necessary to speed up weight loss.