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About Weight Loss Journey Of John Cena – Workout Routine, Diet Plan & More

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John Cena

I am sure all of you must be enlightened about John Cena. Yes, he is a popular wrestler and a very multi-talented guy who has indeed made a huge difference in his life and have proven well that firm determination and hard work is the key to successful living. His journey has always been inspiring to many people out here and there are still a few people who might not be knowing his routine of John in detail.

John Cena Routine

Becoming a wrestler is just impossible unless you work out for it and spare most of your time for exercising and concentrating on your diet. Being an international wrestling champion, John just cannot skip his routine no matter what the circumstances are. Let us have a careful look at his diet plan and workout routine.

  • Diet plan– He consumes 6-7 small meals a day which include oatmeal, egg white, protein bar, brown rice, chicken breast, whole wheat bread with tuna, protein shake, pasta, salad, fish and low-fat cottage cheese protein shake.
  • Workout routine– He has different sets of workouts for all seven days. On Monday he focuses on legs and calves followed by a chest workout on Tuesday, an Arms workout on Wednesday, a Shoulders workout on Thursday and a Back workout on Friday. He takes a break on Saturday and Sunday.

John Cena Workout

As I have mentioned above, he focuses on different areas on all five days of the week and so let us have a look at his workouts on these five days.

  1. Monday-  Seated calf raises, standing single leg curl, leg press, leg extension, squat, hack squat, single leg extension, standing bodyweight calf raise.
  2. Tuesday- Incline machine press, incline bench press, pec dec, cable crossovers, bench press.
  3. Wednesday- Preacher curl, standing barbell curl, seated dumbbell curl, standing cable curl, rope press down, single arm cable press down, lying triceps extension.
  4. Thursday- Machine overhead press, machine lateral raise, seated overhead raise, dumbbell lateral raise, military press.
  5. Friday- Lat pull down barbell row, one arm dumbbell row, deadlift, high pulls, pull-ups, barbell shrug.

John Cena Diet-Plan

  • Described as being “heavy on protein, light on flavor” by MassHealth, his daily calorie limit reaches an estimated total of 3,600 per day spread over a whopping seven meals.
  • They comprise of 450 grams of carbs, 290 grams of protein and 65 grams of fat.
  • The plan ensures the former professional wrestler consumed all the daily dietary requirements of clean meats, fruits, vegetables, grains and supplements.
  • In 2021, it was reported that he weighed 114kg (17.9st), and his diet helps to replenish his body after his grueling workout sessions.

As reported in Many and Many, Cena’s diet plan consists of:

Meal one

  • Four scrambled eggs
  • Swiss cheese
  • Bacon
  • Sautéed vegetables
  • or
  • 100g oatmeal with raisins and apple sauce
  • Six egg whites
  • Two whole eggs

Ever since his days as a bodybuilder and a professional wrestler, John Cena has been keeping his physique in tip-top shape. But the film industry was different from his prior occupations. When filming a movie with Jackie Chan, the DC star discovered the film required him to take a different approach to train. And this temporarily affected the actor’s emotional state. Cena’s training began during his childhood years, even before his teens. In an interview with People, Cena revealed why he turned to weight at such a young age.

“My passion for strength was out of self-defense. I used to get picked on a lot because I was different in the way I dressed and expressed myself,” Cena said. “As you’re an adolescent, social cliques form and I didn’t fall into any one of those. My quest for strength probably lasted, I don’t know, until my mid-30s. And now I’m on a quest for wellness, which is hopefully so I can continue physical fitness for the next, 30, 40, 50 years of my life,” he said.


But initially, there was a time when john Cena switched up his workout regimen for a movie. And the actor was less than pleased with the results.

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