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Are Eyebrows Considered Facial Hair?

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Eyebrows – Human eyebrows are not just part of facial hair; Among other things, they fulfill essential protective functions and, as a so-called mimic link, ensure non-verbal communication. Moreover, eyebrows are consider the perfection of the ideal of beauty; nowadays, they not only style, plucked, or tinted but also – after hair loss – be reconstruct in aesthetic-surgical medicine.


The supercilium – better known as the eyebrow – is one of the appendages of the skin. These are filamentous tissue structures that originate from the epithelial cells of the epidermis and dermis. Eyebrows are mostly made of keratin. In medicine, the divide into short and bristly hairs or terminal hairs. In technical terminology, one speaks of a curved skin bulge over the eye covered with concise hair.

Anatomy Of Eyebrows

The core of the eyebrows consists of epithelial cells and hair marrow; they surround by a hairy cortex, which consists of horny cells and several layers of hair sheaths. The hair divides into three sections: Doctors speak of the cyclic hair shaft, the hair follicles, and the hair root.

Four facial muscles are responsible for the function of the eyebrow in the further course. First, the frontalis muscle, the so-called eyebrow lifter. It also known as the hood muscle or forehead muscle, enabling to raise vertically.

The musculus corrugator is supercilious, and the eyebrow frown causes frowning in the area below. The musculus depressor supercilious, the eyebrow reducer, enables the eyebrows to be lowered, whereby this function only exercises in conjunction with the musculus orbicularis, the eye ring muscle. The procerus muscle also lowers the eyebrows.

Due to the deformable fat pad, which positions between the periosteum and the orbicular muscle, people have the opportunity to move their eyebrows.

The eyebrows have different colors (black, reddish or blond) because of melanin, a cell-specific hair pigment. It is form in the hair roots and then passes to melanosome production as an oxidative end product.

The Function Of Eyebrows As Facial Hair

Above all, the serve as protection for the eye. The primary purpose of the eyebrows is to protect the eyes from sweat, sunlight, moisture, and mechanical stimuli (e.g., foreign bodies). Furthermore, the provide thermal insulation; they regulate heat dissipation and reduce friction as the process progresses.

The highly mobile and are therefore consider an indispensable tool in communication. Simply raising or contracting the expresses many emotions: skepticism, anger, joy, and astonishment.

Genetic factors primarily determine the extent to which eyebrow hair is pronounce. Furthermore, the count as a perfection of the ideal of beauty. Whether plucked, styled, made up, or colored – even in ancient times, the eyebrows were considered an indispensable instrument of beauty and were intensively cared for by both men and women.


Finally, the eyebrows give the face a distinctive and expressive frame; styled can also conceal blemishes such as drooping eyelids, anomalies, or slight wrinkles. Provide a unique beauty to the face and are most considerable as facial hair.

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