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8 Expert Summer Beauty Tips

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Summer Beauty Tips – of course, the sun’s rays, heat and humidity top the list of beauty spoilers; These cause skin burns, frizz or flattening of hair, and bleeding of makeup. But with a few workhorses, insider tips, and solid advice from the Canyon Ranch beauty team, you can go into Labor Day looking and feeling great:

1. Check the ingredients of your sunscreen

“What’s more important than SPF is that a sunscreen contains titanium and zinc,” says Bonnie LaPlante, MD, an esthetician at Canyon Ranch in Lenox, Massachusetts. “You can also find titanium and zinc in some makeup; check the labels. “Any discolouration damages your skin, so make sure you have a wide-brimmed sun hat and sunglasses,” adds LaPlante.

2. Use an umbrella

Wear a rash guard or SPF sun shirt for extra protection, and you won’t have to worry about getting something on your upper body, says LaPlante. “These shirts are gaining popularity; people don’t want to wear sunscreen all day. So you can sweat, swim and wear one of these tops and you are ready for the day, especially if you are very fair.”

3. Fight against straight hair

It may be the most prominent beauty challenge of the summer for people with fine hair: bad humidity can ruin your work ‘in a few minutes. Consider skipping a day to wash your hair and instead use a dry shampoo at the roots to add some volume (it might not sound intuitive, but the extra oil in your hair can give it more body).

4. Tame frizz – Summer Beauty Tips

Fine hair tends to give out on hot summer days, while thick, curly hair tends to go wild. The best way to keep hair silky smooth and under control is to have two products on hand: one specifically formulated to combat humidity and the other to control frizz.

5. Take care of your neckline – Summer Beauty Tips

“Everyone forgets about this area [from the neck to the top of the breasts],” says LaPlante. “We see many people out there with a lot of sun damage.” If you don’t wear sunscreen, apply it regularly, and use it more often if you swim or sweat a lot.

6. Add a serum to your treatment – Summer Beauty Tips

You probably know that you can set aside heavy face and body creams this time of year, but what do you use instead? LaPlante recommends choosing a moisturizing serum. “Hyaluronic acid is a great ingredient to look for because it can hold its weight in water, so it plumps up the skin and gives you a nice, dewy look without feeling heavy,” she explains. In addition, make sure your whey also contains vitamins A and C.

7. Make your makeup sweat-proof – Summer Beauty Tips

A waterproof primer to your makeup bag will help your foundation stay put, even on humid days. Next, look for a paraben-free foundation or lip balm with tinted moisturizer and SPF (any protection helps). Next, consider adding a dusting and blotter for days when temperatures get high; both help absorbs excess oil and sweat. Finally, set aside creamy concealers until autumn returns; A drier option will now do a more effective job sealing imperfections. And if you have very oily skin, this might be a good time to try an oil-free or powder foundation.

8. Limit Chlorine

If you like to swim, watch out for Chlorine in most pools; The chemical dries out the skin and damages the colour of the hair. And if you want to get your returns, rinse immediately after a dive. If you dye your hair, use a colour – safe shampoo and limit sun exposure and excessive shampooing; these will shorten the life of your paint job.