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Workout Trends – Different Trends In 2024

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Workout trends – It makes more and more sense to base our training on our current state of mind. The reason is that sport is no longer just the way to achieve a solid and stylized figure but also seeks emotional well-being, an escape valve for daily stress and worries.

It is undeniable that mood impacts and influences body movement and, through constant attention, helps to focus and rediscover the neuromuscular connection, a discipline that integrates body and mind. In addition, endorphins, which facilitate this connection, achieve an increase in self-esteem and a decrease in stress. Therefore, this training is very beneficial when we need to reconnect with ourselves and find motivation in the exercise itself.

Strength Training With Weights

We are used to seeing young people train their muscles with weights, and we forget that this exercise is even more beneficial at older ages. This training increases longevity in the adult population by strengthening bone and muscle mass, avoiding the risk of breakages, sprains, or diseases such as osteoporosis.

It consists of achieving muscle strength and toning with weights and is recommended for everyone as long as we take into account the weight, age, and complexion of each person, taking care of the exercises, postures, and sequences.

The most apparent benefit is gaining and strengthening muscle mass and speeding up metabolism. It also favors the joints’ toning, strength, and mobility since it increases bone density and improves our postural hygiene.

Animal Flow

It combines quadrupedal and terrestrial movements, including elements of various disciplines such as yoga, break dance, capoeira, or functional training. The goal is to connect physically and mentally, communicating and emulating these movements with our bodies.

It is a type of training that some celebrities have already adopted and through which it is possible to develop physical fitness and improve body mobility. By observing the movements and gestures of the animals, we can give more excellent direction to our joints, ideally combining this exercise with strength training.

The main benefits are joint mobility, resistance, and body toning improvement. In addition, there is an increase in balance and elasticity of the body and more excellent cardiovascular resistance.

The Metcon (Metabolic Condition) Workout Trends

This high-intensity training is beginning to be incorporated by various sports centers this year.

The exercises that make up the MetCon derive from CrossFit and consist of metabolic training with intervals of short, medium, or long duration, which include series and rest. It also includes exercises aimed at strength and resistance, unlike the typical interval training to burn fat

Perhaps the best known is HIIT (high-intensity interval training), although there are also AMRAP ( as many repetitions as possible ), EMOM, or For time.

It is a discipline that involves the work of the whole body, whose most notable benefits are significant calorie burning, body toning, and excellent cardiovascular resistance.

Hilti (High-Intensity Low Impact)

It is a low-impact training designed for people new to sports or who cannot perform high-intensity exercise, such as pregnant women.

Its importance lies in progression, starting small and increase with practice. Due to its characteristics, it is a training that can be done daily and increases the heart rate. In addition, it consists of combining weight training with low-impact cardiovascular exercise.

Its best-known benefits are: Activate the metabolism, increase strength, endurance, flexibility, and toning.

Workout Trends Depending On Hormonal Status

Mood, physical condition, and energy level are usually related to hormonal balance. So, it is essential to consider this factor when training.

Men and women suffer hormonal fluctuations throughout the month, and thanks to this new sports trend, we can balance them.

In the case of women, we would do a series of 28 days following the menstrual cycle:

First phase (menstrual), energy is low, so the idea is to slow down and do flexibility and breathing exercises.

Second phase (follicular), energy significantly increases as the body prepares to ovulate. We take advantage of this increase to perform high-intensity training, for example, HIIT.

Third phase (ovulation), there is the most remarkable energy peak, where we recommend high-intensity and strength-focused training.


Workouts are fitness routines that need to be in practice. These trends change according to the situation. So every there are possibilities of new trends. However, might the trends be the main aim is to work out for better health.