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Ash Purple Hair Dye – 2023

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Ash Purple Hair – Dyeing your hair in a color that is not natural is necessarily different from when you want to go brown, brown-e, or add a red highlight. The products we already use are not the same: indeed, the colorings sold on Color-Mania are either semi-permanent and peroxide-free colorings or permanent colorings used with a developer.

Permanent Ash Purple Hair Colors

The permanent colors we offer are much more technical products that require professional know-how. Indeed, they must be applied to previously bleached hair and with a developer (an oxidizing cream with a more or less low volume of active ingredients).

The more or less mauve result will depend on the oxidation of the pigment in the hair and, therefore, on the mixture’s quality and exposure time.

Thus, we recommend them to the most seasoned Color-Maniacs fans of purple hair.

How To Lighten Your Hair Before Purple Coloring?

If you have light blond hair: you may not have to go through bleaching. You can find colors in the supermarket that lighten the hair very well and can make you reach platinum. Yes, but that’s only for already light blondes. What are the others doing?

How To Bleach Your Hair?

Do not forget to do a test the day before discoloration to check that you do not have an allergic reaction to the product, but also a test wick to know how your hair will react, especially if you have remains of another coloring on your hair.

And if you’re unsure of yourself, you can always see a professional hairdresser for the first time!

How To Choose The Right Ash Purple?

There are lots of shades of purple! Of course, you may know precisely what you want, and in that case, all the better. However, if you hesitate between several colors, or if you are not sure which would suit your skin best, here are some tips:

  • If your skin is dark, opt for dark purples, especially plum.
  • Olive skins will go with pure purples and deep purples.
  • With fair skin, you can afford both warm and cool tones. And blonde complexions will highlight pastels, lilacs, and lavenders.

The Different Types Of Purple Hair

Deep And Dark Purples To Last Over Time

Some very dark purples almost approach black, with highlights that stand out a lot in the sun. These are the colors that last the longest. They can sometimes cover more or more miniature light bases, such as a dark blond or a golden red. In this case, it is better not to have a natural base that is too dark or too orange.

Hot Purple For Everyone

The warmest shades of purples with hints of pink in color usually suit everyone. But they especially highlight the darker or Asian skins. They can be combined with other purples for a more vibrant coloring with different tones. Purple Haze is a good example. You can also get this kind of purple by adding a hint of pink to the purple.

Fair Skin Or Highlights? Cold Purple Is Ideal

The cool purple hues sometimes approach blue. They go very well with light skin or streaks with black or dark brown hair. These shades also need an evident and uniform base to avoid a “faded” effect which can be unsightly.

Pastels, Lilacs, And Lavenders

If these colors are very trendy, they are not the easiest to achieve. They must start with the lightest base possible, without any dark spots—ideally, a discoloration background at 9 or 10.

If your discoloration is insufficient, the first application of a pastel purple may have a toner effect: the purple will compensate for the yellow of your hair, and the latter may come out white or gray. A second application is often enough to obtain the expected pastel purple. But sometimes, you need to get a better fade background!

You can choose a lilac or lavender color with your very light base. Lavender is warmer, close to pink, while lilac has blue undertones and approaches purple.

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