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Creatine – Health benefits And Usage

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Some sports practices require a high muscular explosion. In this regard, creatine, a substance found in the body naturally, affects physical performance and muscle mass.

Some athletes have a low level of creatine. In this sense, sports food supplements can fill this gap. Now, although this substance is associated with athletes, anyone needs it. In addition, an appropriate level of this substance can relieve muscle cramps and other discomfort.

What Is Creatine?

Creatine is a nitrogenous chemical that, when combined with phosphate, creates phosphocreatine, which affects energy metabolism when a skeletal muscle contracts.

It is naturally found in the body and synthesized by the kidneys, pancreas, and liver. The amino acid is found in many foods such as meat and fish. However, it has low levels of creatine compared to artificial supplements. This substance is captured by muscle tissue, which is stored almost entirely. That is, 95% is found in skeletal muscle.

What Is Creatine For?

The metabolic function of creatine is summarized in the optimal development of muscles. In turn, it intervenes in the energy demands of the body. It is activated when some effort is initiated in the forces.

Using creatine as an energy system is fast but quickly depleted when the body is subjected to constant physical exertion. In this sense, nutritional supplements have been created that contribute to the formation of muscles of many athletes, especially those related to bodybuilding or requiring high musculature.

Benefits Of Creatine

Creatine can be consumed as a nutritional supplement. It is one of the most used and scientifically studied supplements. The effects that creatine produces in sports performance, it was concluded that when physical activity is of high intensity, creatine supplements improve performance and accelerate muscle development.

The same study noted that “85% of athletes who consumed creatine supplements achieved the expected results.” In this sense, we can highlight that it is one of the most beneficial nutritional supplements for the body.

Greater Energy In The Muscles

Thanks to the fact that it affects muscular energy, athletes have more excellent resistance. It translates into more challenging and longer workouts. It is an ally for high-level athletes (professionals) as it combats muscle fatigue.

Greater Muscle Development

The development of muscles occurs because fluid accumulates in the cells. This substance favors the production of the energy molecule ATP, which allows greater mobility in the muscle, and of course, increases its size, helping to develop lean mass.

Injury Prevention

Another outstanding benefit of Creatine supplements is muscle recovery. Long or very intense days can affect the muscles and cause injuries. In this sense, it is necessary to implement certain recovery routines. Therefore, it intervenes in muscle fibers and helps muscle regeneration.

Promotes Bone Health

It is an irrefutable reality that mineral, musculoskeletal, and bone density are affected with age. In this sense, some research has indicated that the contribution of creatine through supplements can affect bone health.


The usage needs proper supervision and guidance from a nutritionist. Those who are not athletes or do not practice any arduous physical activity should check if its use is safe. A nutritionist doctor can weigh the benefits and risks for each type of patient.