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8 Body Essentials to Pack for A Holiday

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Body essentials the last thing you want is for your skin and hair to react to the change in weather and get damaged. Therefore, body essentials that suit your skin and are essential for your hair should be at hand. Packing the essentials for your entire skincare and beauty routine should be one of your top priorities when packing for a vacation that excites you.

Here is the list of Body essentials that you must have in your bag:

1. Travel manicure set

The last thing to focus on instead of enjoying your vacation is a chipped nail or an extra eyebrow. The travel manicure set has the essentials to care for as it has taken over your mind. You can also add a different needle and thread for sewing if something goes wrong with your perfect holiday outfit.

2. Lip balm

You never know how your perfect face will react to a change in weather when you make this change. A sudden drop in temperature can make your lips dry and chapped. A warm and humid environment will dry out your lips. In such cases, lip balm is a must. Wear one with vitamin E extracts and SPF to protect your lips from damage.

3. Mascara/Eyeliner

When you leave the house for an unpredictable change in the weather, switch from the regular formula to a waterproof one. You don’t want to walk up against the Great Wall of China or the Leaning Tower of Pisa in the rain with mascara or eyeliner dripping from your eye.

4. Deodorant/Perfume

Whether you’re travelling to relaxing Thailand or chilly Alaska, it’s essential to stay calm and smell good. A good cologne must it top of your list of beauty essentials. You don’t want to smell fishy in an area with good seafood. A good scent in a small package makes it the perfect travel companion.

5. Nail polish and nail polish remover

No matter how well you fix your nail polish remover cap, it always seems like something is spilling and making a mess in the transition. Choose wipes that remove nail polish in one go. If you’re going on an extended vacation, you don’t want to wear the same colour, and it’s not chipped. Change your nail polish conveniently by carrying a small box of nail polish remover discs, which you can easily find at any cosmetic store.

6. Makeup brushes

Carry a briefcase or a small set of makeup brushes that can help you fix your makeup anytime, anywhere. A small group of meetings is essential to keep your foundation firm and your concealer in place, even when you’re at the airport, landing or taking a trip. You can even throw away some Band-Aids, cotton swabs, and Advil packs so they can use them as a first aid kit.

7. A concealer

A hardworking, full-coverage concealer, especially if you don’t expect to get much sleep on your trip. Under-eye bags and unnecessary imperfections need a shoulder to cry on it. The beauty of the place you are going should match your face. So don’t forget to bring this easily portable concealer tube.

8. BB Creams

Most BB creams act as a 5-in-1 product. They are primers, moisturizers, skin perfectors, foundations and sunscreens in a small tube, and they deserve a premium ticket to your chosen destination. Your makeup kit would be incomplete without one.