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New Beauty Tries from Beautybio

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New Beauty Tries from Beautybio

Beautybio Bright Eyes and Cryo Roller make eyes glow, so I was excited to partner with them to try out some new products from their range. Of course, Beautybio is best known for its GloPro tools, but there are a few other products that I think are worth checking out Beautybio.

Zenbubble Cream Gel

Zenbubble Gel Cream is a new favourite for a beautiful, lightweight, oil-free soothing gel cream in one. I like that the skin absorbs quickly and easily. Oil and fragrance-free, it’s perfect for sensitive skin and reduces redness while rebalancing the skin. In addition, it contains marine phytoactive, microalgae and chamomile. This help soothes, moisturize, reduce redness, and improve skin texture.

Concentrated eyeliner

It helps illuminate the eye area, and Eyelighter Concentrate is an excellent multifunctional product that brightens and purifies. It contains retinol, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and squalene to smooth, illuminate, cleanse and hydrate the look. In addition, it has a contoured cooling applicator that feels great when applying the product. It can also use it as a makeup base around the eyes.

Healthy Scalp Dry Shampoo

In my opinion, everyone should try the Healthy Scalp Dry Shampoo. Dry shampoos can be hit or miss for me, but this is pure love. I love how it absorbs oil and makes hair feel soft and shiny (it doesn’t feel crunchy with it). It smells clean and fresh! It also does not contain starch and alcohol. It is also safe for coloured hair.

Glass and Shine Megawatt Glow Pro-Facial

The last thing I poverty to highlight is the Glass and Gloss Megawatt Glow Pro-Facial. It is a 2-step facial care product containing an ultra-fine exfoliator and a face brightening serum. The scrub is one of the gentlest face scrubs I’ve tried. The development comprises skin-friendly spherical Ganoderma crystals that gently buff the skin to restore texture delicately. Apply to damp skin and rinse. The second step is to follow up with a shine serum to add hydration and shine. A little goes a long way, and although it has a shimmery finish, it is more like a serum, so it blends beautifully into the skin and gives it a radiant glow.

Cryogenic cylinder

Finally, I highly recommend applying the Cyro Roller to your daily skincare routine. This roller completes it of professional-grade stainless steel that will feel ice cold when rolling it on your face.

I like to use this roller first in the morning because my skin tends to be the puffiest. As soon as I start rolling, it energizes my skin and instantly starts swelling. And it feels lovely and relaxing. I also like keeping mine in the fridge to keep it cold. The cold helps, mainly when I use the under-eye roller.

After a few uses, you will notice that your skin will start to look sander, and you may see less acne. You can even use a roller on your body if you have pain. I like to do this when I wake up sore after an intense workout.

Frequently asked questions

Are BeautyBio products good?

Yes, BeautyBio products are excellent and worth the investment. BeautyBio products are complete to see results.

How often should you use GloPRO?

You can use GoPro every day, or it recommends at least 2-3 times a week.

Where is BeautyBio complete?

All BeautyBio products are naturally complete in the USA, but Bright Eye Gels is the only product in China.