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Multiple Methods for Mp4 Download Youtube Videos

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Youtube Videos – There are many ways to save a copy of your favorite YouTube videos to play them later without being connected to the Internet: online services, dedicated applications, and browser extensions. The solutions are multiple but are not always easy to implement.

Website – Download Youtube Videos As Mp4

Open the web page and enter the YouTube video URL at the top.

If you click on the “Next” button, all available quality levels of the video are displayed. The better the quality, the larger the file.

Then click on the “MP4” button to open up further download options. Here you can, for example, only download individual sections of the video.

The process begins with the “Start” button. Then, depending on the magnitude of the video, it may take a few moments for the “Download” button to appear. The video then ends up on your computer.

Add-Ons – Download Youtube Videos As Mp4

If you want to download videos more often, we recommend using an add-on. Then, the video downloading is easy with just a few clicks.

Mozilla Firefox: With Video Download Helper, you must click on the add-on during the YouTube video and choose the correct format. The video will then be downloaded. Alternatively, you can use the Flash Video Downloader.

Google Chrome

Since YouTube belongs to Google, no suitable add-ons are available for Google Chrome. YouTube does not want to support the download of the videos. In this case, you can use the Free YouTube Download tool to save the videos as AVI, mp4, or FLV files.

1. Download VLC

If you haven’t already, download and install VLC on your computer. This open-source multimedia player can natively play most audio and video files without installing other components.

Available for free, VLC has become the reference multimedia player for a large number of users.

2. Open A Network Stream

First, go to YouTube to copy the URL of the video you want to save. To do this, right-click on the video and click Copy Video URL.

Open VLC, and click the File/Media menu to Open Network Stream.

In the URL field, copy the YouTube video URL you copied above and click the Open/Play button. VLC should start playing the video automatically.

3. Access Information

Now click on the Window/Tools menu and the Media Information menu. A window displaying all the metadata of the video is displayed. In the Location field at the bottom of the General tab, copy the displayed URL.

4. Download The Video

Download The Video

Now open your favorite web browser, paste the URL copied in the previous step into the address bar and validate by pressing the Enter key on the keyboard. The video should launch directly in the browser.

Right-click on the video, and click on the Save Video As menu. Next, choose the backup directory, fill

5. Add A File Extension

On macOS, the downloaded file may not have an extension. If VLC knows how to read it, this will not be the case for all media players.

Locate your file, right-click on it, and click Rename. Then, add the “.mp4” extension and commit your changes.


Downloading Youtube is a hectic task for many users. But, most importantly, it is useful for many of us as the videos are helpful. Youtube is a vast platform that includes videos of many kinds, i.e., informative and entertaining.

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