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HTTPS Protocol – Importance On Your Brokerage Website

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The HTTPS protocol intends to increase the security of a web page and thus improve the trust that users place in it. However, since the AEPD marks its application, even Google is modifying its algorithm and the type of pages it prioritizes. Keep reading to find out how it can affect your brokerage website. And also why we should discuss the importance of the HTTPS protocol.

What is the HTTPS protocol, and how does it work?

The HTTPS protocol, or Hypertext Transfer Protocol, is one of the types of encryption available for web pages. Its purpose is to offer a high level of security to users who visit them. It is from the point of view of data guard and privacy, as well as the integrity and authenticity of the content displayed on the website—web page by the receiving server.

If we focus on the operation of the HTTPS protocol, its security works at three levels. The first is the encryption of the exchanged data; no one can access the information, track it or steal it. Secondly, integrity implies that the data does not allow modifications during the transfer. If one is to occur, as well as any damage, it would be detected. Finally, authentication verifies that those who communicate are who they say they are. It prevents identity theft and promotes trust in a web page.

One of the main objectives of the insurance sector is to transmit security and confidence to its current and potential clients. In addition to communicating your values ​​through web design, using an HTTPS protocol. It helps to take care of your image and protect the information that is displayed. It must be occupied into account that the leap to digital is covering more and more areas. If channels are opened that allows contracting or customer service through these channels, it is necessary that they be integrated into a safe and protected environment.

Why install the HTTPS protocol?

Beyond the advantages mentioned that refer to protection, security, and trust on the part of users, the HTTPS protocol also allows for avoiding possible sanctions by the AEPD, whose amounts can reach relatively high figures. Furthermore, the General Data Protection Regulation mentions data encryption and security measures to reduce risk.

On the other hand, it must be taken into account that Google has begun to gradually modify the content that it shows in the results, prioritizing those that use the HTTPS protocol, both for access to the secure connection and loading the content. That is included, such as images or videos. In this way, the search engine also improves the security it offers and the user experience, and for the future. The goal is to block mixed content, that is, content that includes both protocols.

While it is still possible to manually modify the settings today, Chrome update 81 automatically updates images to the HTTPS protocol and blocks them if they are not loaded. If you have not yet considered these changes on your brokerage’s website, now is the time to do so.


It is the most used for this communication between the browser and the web server. To be exact, it is the improved version of the previous protocol; the HTTP. However, this had the drawback that it did not guarantee confidentiality.

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