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Define Innovation And Technology

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Innovation – Does innovation drag us, or are we surfing the wave? Under this motto, the seventh edition of the Global Summit for Insurance Innovation began, where the idea that innovation is not an option was addressed; it is a necessity that companies in the insurance sector must assume in a highly competitive environment, a client increasingly demanding and a technology that has become a differentiating element.

Different Interventions

The technology has changed a lot because the context has also changed, and companies have had to adapt, as well as insurance. Thus, he focused primarily on three tools: the Cloud, the blockchain, and machine learning, and what has been their evolution and development to date and their application in insurance.

The Metaverse and its application to the insurance sector cannot fail to be mentioned. After brief notions, Alberto Juárez from Capgemini addressed the role of insurance in the Metaverse with two cases: Insurance advisor hub and Embedded insurance.

On the other hand, Eric Sibony, Co-founder and CSO of Shift, delved into the benefits of artificial intelligence when making decisions within the insurance industry.

Scale Your Business To Stay Up To Date

The meeting also featured a round table that, under the title ‘Improving today and preparing for tomorrow,’ deals with issues such as the degree of adoption of Cloud in companies, business strategy, new product modalities, and their demand, and the role of data.

Iris Global presented the work it is doing for a particular sector of the population: the elderly. Joana Daguro and Paula González, the company’s Innovation managers, explained the services offered by the entity in the case of Funerals. At the same time, Javier Contín, Director of Innovation, addressed travel health care.

Co-creation was another concept that appeared on the day. Xavier Lesauvage, partner at Sdli, and Joan Ras, co-founder of the company, revealed how to use it in the insurance sector as it is a tool that allows creating corporate alliances with startups, clients, brokers, etc.

The day ended with practical workshop sponsored by Iris Global, led by Yago Mellado, facilitator of agile methodologies. The participants could learn about the Desing Sprint methodology in a general way and apply it to a Twitter case.

Insurtech Pitch

Throughout the meeting, various insurances unveiled their business model. Pablo Martínez, Head of Sales Iberia and Italy at Bdeo, addressed how visual intelligence helps in policy underwriting automation and risk control. On his part, Gonzalo Delgado, COO of Wolly, explained the power of automation in claims management. At the same time, Frank Kasthol, Sales Executive at Penni, referred to the integrated insurance offered by his company.

Antonio Casal, CEO and founder of Live topic, spoke about the advised sale for companies to expand their Life-Risk portfolio. Next, Pilar Andrade, CEO of LISA, highlighted the recycling platform they have developed, among other solutions. Finally, the field of hybrid medicine to improve the customer experience exists.


Innovations in our daily life make a lot more things simple and easy. Innovation in any part of work, whether minor or significant, makes the process efficient. In the time of technology, innovations speed ups tasks.

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