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Bass Boat Technologies – Storage Space, Tipping And More

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Many anglers dream of owning their bass boat. Most of the time, they fail because of the money and the berth. Stefan Tiedemann has tested a small boat that partially solves these problems.

In The Bass Boat To The Fish

At a fishing fair, I first saw this new Southern boat, built in a kind of bass boat style. I liked it straight away! But, of course, the other equipment, including a foot-controlled electric motor, did the rest to make the thing extremely cool. With the electric motor at the bow, the boat maneuvers excellently.

After extensive research on the subject and countless video clips of smallmouth bass fishing. It is from such boats, contact is finally made with an owner because I was interested in what the Souther can do in practice, especially the handling and the tipping stability on the water.

Fishing Above The Storage Space

After this visit, it was clear that this was precisely the right thing for the Brandenburg region: the boat is easy to transport, does not need a slip ramp, and is well suited for fishing. In principle, this is also the proper article description for this vehicle. After this inspection, the mini bass boat orders from Fabian Kraft, the owner of Nippon-Tackle, who sells the boat in Germany.

After a few weeks of waiting, purchasing an electric motor, and suitable roof racks, the maiden voyage on a small lake in Brandenburg. I transported my boat there on the roof while my fishing friend Tilo transported his Souther on a small trailer. Both are possible! The boat is empty for transport. Therefore, the first thing to do is insert the four-floor panels after unloading.

Personal items such as fishing rods, bait, and food are quickly stowing away as the boat offers a surprising amount of storage space for its size. In addition, under the four-floor plates, there is enough room for all kinds of utensils such as emergency paddles, spare clothing, etc., landing net, battery, and tools can be stowed on the rear transom. The significant advantage of the Souther is that you fish over the storage space, so to speak, and don’t constantly stumble over anything. Again, the boat offers a surprising amount of storage space for its size.

High Tipping Stability

Again, the excellent tipping stability of this boat, which is only 1.16 meters wide and 3.60 meters long, is striking. It is partly due to the already mentioned flat construction of the hull and its large, board-like contact surface in the water. Otherwise, the motor undoubtedly increases stability because it is up to one meter below the water surface due to the length of the shaft.

Test On The Surface

A steep bluff that dropped to 11m gave the perfect opportunity to test how vertical the Southern fished. Making things a little more comfortable, you can remove or shorten a floor panel and the seat so that you have the same low seating position as in a typical fishing boat.

Transportation And Assembly

Now a little about transportation. The boat is transported on the roof rack and secured with regular tension belts. That’s enough to drive on the 120 freeway. Then, on-site, it is taken down from the roof and carried straight to the water. While no slipway is required, access to water has not always been easy on heavily built-up or wooded bodies of water. But once you’ve found a walk-in spot, it works wonderfully. It takes about 20 minutes to get out of the car and set up the boat before you can set sail.


Bass boat technologies are developing from time to time. These technologies’ main prospect is that they provide essential features with a minimum amount. It requires minimal knowledge to operate them.

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