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Is Levi A Titan? – Physique, Character, And More

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Levi is quite simply the strongest of explorers. Although the children adore him and consider him a hero, his nervous and brutal character makes him unfriendly. Besides his tower control role as Master Corporal, he is responsible for subduing Eren in Titan form.

He displays unrelenting bravery and shows immense respect for the comrades-in-arms who accompany him to the front, facing the titans. But he is still a difficult person to pin down.


Height –  1.60 m

Weight – 65 kg

Livaï is relatively small; however, he is solid physically. With his mid-length black hair and clear eyes, he is the archetype of the taciturn handsome boy. Indeed, his face hardly shows any emotion: a real Poker Face. Born on December 25, he is one of the most popular characters in the current mangasphere since this 30-year-old master corporal of the exploration battalion is also considered the most powerful soldier in the army of Paradise.


First of all, he has an almost manic side when it comes to cleanliness. For him, everything must be immaculate, and he finds it very difficult to accept stains and other dirt, especially on his clothes and equipment, which he may even have to clean in the middle of a fight. Moreover, it added a rather asocial side, making it difficult to approach. Indeed, the master corporal hardly ever shows his emotions. Worse, he also has the annoying tendency not to take things with a grain of salt when he has something to say, and he sometimes uses vulgar language to make himself understood. In addition, we cannot deny his superior air compared to the others and his somewhat dark and deadpan humor. However, this coldness brings him a lot of calm and composure in combat, even in the face of death.

However, he will respect authority while keeping a critical eye on it in all situations. This posture commands the respect of his peers and his subordinates. In the end, Levi has morality and empathy since he does not hesitate to put human life above everything else.


Levi is an unwanted child, born of an unknown father and son of a prostitute: Kuchel Ackerman. However, his mother gave him a lot of love despite a life of poverty and misery throughout his childhood. Levi also saw his mother die, and he was raised by his uncle, Kenny Ackerman, who taught him how to handle a knife and a combat posture in the face of complicated situations. Later, he will decide to “fly” on his own and become a notorious bandit in the company of Furlan. Their goal? Leave the slums and acquire a civil passport allowing them to go to the world above. Afterslums that, they will form a trio with Isabelle even if, in the end, Levi will decide, willy-nilly, to join the army and the Battle of Exploration.

About the character

  • -Erwin Smith may be Levi’s military mentor; he couldn’t be more respected by him. However, their relationship was very different at the time since Levi swore to kill him if he had the chance!
  • Levi’s obsession with cleanliness can be explained by the fact that he grew up in misery, poverty, and dirt.
  • “Sleeping is for the weak!” could be one of Levi’s mottos since he has insomnia. He only sleeps 3 to 4 hours a day, has a lot of nightmares, and considers sleep useless to such an extent that he often sleeps fully clothed on a chair!
  • Livaï is also a great tea lover. He attaches paramount importance to the fact that tea shipments arrive safely. One of his hidden dreams is to open a small tea shop if the threat of the Titans disappears one day.


Levi is one of the famous animated characters in the present animation industry. Many people follow the Levi character. The article above describes Levi as a titan and is on the verge of becoming famous.

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